What a man wants- Flowers of Course!


We are asked the question often ‘is it ok to send flowers to a man?’ And our answer is always the same ABSOLUTLEY!

Who doesn’t love being thanked, appreciated or receiving a note of undying love?! And flowers are the perfect gift for every occasion; I mean I would say that, I am a florist!

The mood lifting power of gardening is well known, but a beautiful bunch of blooms in your home or office also has mood boosting superpowers! Stopping to smell the roses is not just a saying, it’s actually beneficial.

Research was conducted into the relationship between flowers and life satisfaction. Participants were found to experience an immediate mood boost upon receiving flowers, sharing expressions of delight. And as an extra bonus, the study shows that this feeling of reduced stress, anxiousness, and low mood. How wonderful that a floral gift can have such a positive effect?

So now we know the answer is yes to sending flowers, lets chat about what to send!


Finding the right flowers

Now this all comes down to personal preference, just like sending any gift.

Does the man in your life have the most fantastic rose garden? Then why not ask your florist to send their most unusual rose in your floral gift?

All about travel and adventure? Go tropical and send beautifully exotic blooms that also come in strong colours. Think Oranges, Yellows, Reds and Cerise Pink. Feeling warm and tropical already, isn’t it?!

Or if you’re buying local and sustainable, ask about locally grown or British flowers. We have a selection every week from March to early Autumn so please ask. We will be happy to advise what beautiful blooms we have available.

And answering your questions is what we love to do! We are always full of ideas, so ask away!

Really, Send him Flowers?

ABSOLUTLEY! Flowers might to be your go to gift for the man in your life, but we promise they will love them.

In a Society of American Florist survey, 60% of men asked said they enjoyed receiving flowers. So that’s 6 out of 10. And still not sure, go for something more linear and less ‘frilly’. And your florist is here to help, anything you are unsure of we are happy to help advice.

Go on, send that man some flowers!!