Your very own cutting garden!

Hello Flower Friends,

With the weather being so beautiful, I’m sure many of you have an abundance of blooms in your garden. How about using them to create your own floral displays at home?

Fancy finding out more. Here are my hints and tips for you, no matter how big or small your garden is.

  1. Cut the stems just before your bloom is fully open, ideally first thing in the morning or in the evening.
  2. Cut at a 45-degree angle and remove any foliage that will be below the water line.
  3. Always use a clean vase. Bacteria can still be in your vase that can shorten the vase life of your beautiful homegrown flowers.
  4. Try using tepid or room temperature water as it is less likely to cause air bubbles which result in air locks and floppy heads!
  5. A touch of bleach in the water can help keep a super clean environment for your cut flowers.
  6. Pop your vase of flowers away from direct sunlight, sources of heat or draughts (our fans in the current weather!)
  7. As you enjoy your flowers remove any fading or dead blooms to help the others have a longer vase life
  8. Change the water every couple of days (we promise it helps)

If you are looking to add to your cutting garden, here are some suggestions of great flowers to grow for you to enjoy outside and in your home.

*Sweet peas (vase life 3-5 days)

This stunning scented blooms and the perfect ‘cut and come again’ flower. They come in a multitude of gorgeous colours. And even better, you need to cut regularly to keep them blooming, so you home will always smell incredible!

*Sunflowers (vase life 7-10 days)

Really easy to grow, simply sew directly into the soil and watch them grow. Cut the blooms just before the blooms are fully open for the longest vase life.

*Gladioli (7-10 day vase life)

These were my Nan’s favourites so a must for me! Try to stagger planting so your blooms don’t all arrive at once!

*Roses (4-7 Vase life)

What English Country Garden be complete without these beautiful flowers? And often you can grow beautiful, scented Roses to add to their charm.

I hope I have inspired you to have a go at using your garden as a cutting garden.

Until next time, Take care.


Your very own cutting garden!