Beautifully Simple: Pink Bouquet

  • Beautifully Simple: Pink Bouquet
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Three types of flowers, including roses, in blushing pink tones. Cute and chic.

This bouquet is part of our Beautifully Simple range. New for 2023, it's a collection of minimalist bouquets that celebrate elegance and understated beauty.

About their pink bouquet

> It's handcrafted
Their local florist will select each pink flower for their beauty, before handcrafting them into a unique bouquet.

> It'll look good for at least 7 days
Anything less and we'll put it right.

> The packaging is eco-friendly
Beautiful packaging that's fully recyclable.

> It includes a cute card
Just let us know your message and we'll make sure they get it.

> It'll arrive ready to show off
The florist will take care of all the arranging so the blooms arrive looking their best.

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